The Best Golden Goose Dupes of 2020 and the Distressed Sneaker Trend


The Distressed Sneaker Trend

Golden Goose sneakers are hugely popular right now and have inspired an entire trend, along with lots of dupes! So I’m sharing ways to style the distressed sneaker trend along with the best Golden Goose dupes of 2020.

I’m a big fan of this revival of sneakers. What’s not to love? They’re comfortable and practical, but also super cute and add interest to any outfit.

With so many choices, it’s really had to choose a favorite! Whether you’re looking at the real deal, a pair of chic P448 sneakers (same great quality but about $200+ less), or a more affordable, under $50 option that comes in 14 different colors/prints, I’ve got rounded up them all!

And not only am I sharing all of my favorites but also tips and tricks on how to style them!

Style Distressed Sneakers with a Feminine Blouse

One of my favorite ways to style sneakers is to pair them with a feminine blouse. I love the juxtaposition of feminine and edgy. And in my opinion, the flowier and more feminine, the better. This outfit combination is just such a cool and updated look.

stling sneakers with a feminine blouse

Pair a Chic Jacket with Your

Another great way to style sneakers and keep them wearable all your long is by topping off your outfit with a great jacket. Casual and dressy styles work well, as well as prints or solids. I love mixing prints with my graphic sneakers or pairing them with a luxe feeling faux fur jacket.

pair a chic jacket with sneakers

How to Dress Up Your Sneakers

Dressing up my sneakers by pairing them with skirts and dresses is another favorite outfit combination for me. Sometimes sandals or wedges just won’t do, and sneakers give a fun feminine dress or skirt a relaxed cool-girl vibe. I also paired them below with a pretty sweater and velvet jeans over the holidays.

how to dress up sneakers

Keep it Casual

Obviously, casual outfits always pair well with sneakers. Joggers, leggings, jeans, and cutoffs paired with casual basics are basically my daily uniform. And a fun distressed sneaker can be just the statement-maker to complete your outfit.

The Best Golden Goose Dupes of 2020 and the Distressed Sneaker Trend

How to Wear Sneakers When it’s Cold

Pairing sneakers with a favorite sweater and boyfriend or mom jeans is another go-to look for me and is a great way to transition to spring. 

how to wear sneakers in the winter

More Styling Ideas:

  • Don’t be afraid to pair sneakers with feminine or dressier pieces like midi-skirts.
  • It’s ok to wear a lighter colored sneaker with a darker colored outfit and vice versa. This can even help make a statement sneakers stand out.
  • I love swapping out my favorite sneakers with new shoelaces. I buy mine on amazon and have these and these.


The Best Golden Goose Dupes of 2020

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