2019 Ultimate Gift Guide for Tweens

gift guide for tweens

I took a recent poll over on Instagram to see what gift guides you were still looking for and second only to men, was a gift guide for tweens. And I get it. They can definitely be a tough group to buy for.

Tweens are too old for toys but too young for many of the gifts you’d buy for an adult. And they tend to be a bit…shall we say particular. Their tastes seem to change faster than the wind shifts direction and they don’t always have the best grasp on budgets.

So I started doing some research and I didn’t have to go far. I have an almost 10-year old (going on 25) daughter and an almost 12-year-old son and they were more than happy to school me on their wish list! It turns out, tweens aren’t nearly as difficult to shop for as I’d feared.

The Girls vs. The Boys

And although many of these gifts are “boy gifts” or “girl gifts”, there are many unexpected androgenous choices as well. For example, one of my son’s buddies, love to put colored chalk in his hair. It’s kind of his thing. And my daughter would love nothing more than a hoverboard or skateboard under the tree!

I’ve covered lots of budgets and price points in this gift guide for tweens as well. So whether you’re looking for a fun splurge or a cute stocking-stuffer, I’ve got you covered!

Ultimate Gift Guide for Tweens

Don’t discount the idea of gifting experiences as well when it comes to tweens. They’re never too old to make new memories with. Tickets to a concert or play or a trip to the water park can be huge hits and make for great bonding opportunities.

Have you finished your holiday shopping yet? What’s still on your list?


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