Answering Your Questions About Botox

answering your questions about Botox

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Ahhh, Botox, my little injectible fountain of youth…

First, I have to apologize to you gals because the “before” photo below may give you nightmares. But hey, it is what it is. I rarely get up looking well-rested and bright-eyed and I want to be completely forthcoming in this post. I will also be updating and sharing with you all as my Botox wears off over on Instagram Stories so make sure that you’re following me there

Questions About Botox

Last week I re-shared on Instagram Stories that I get Botox a couple of times a year. It’s something I’ve always been an open book about. It’s also something that I initially had a lot of questions about before moving forward. How long does Botox last? How much does it cost? Is there downtime? How painful is it? 

Now that I have the experience and have been lucky enough to find a doctor that I truly, truly trust I thought it might be helpful to share my insights. I also took a little poll and am answering all of YOUR questions about Botox!

Let’s dive in!

answering your questions about Botox

Me, pre-botox, no make-up

How do I find a trusted provider?

I moved this one to the top of the list because I think it is truly the most important. I see a plastic surgeon for my Botox injections, but a dermatologist is a great choice as well. The best advice I can give here is research; ask friends and family; ask your medical dermatologist for a cosmetic dermatologist reference (they are not one and the same!). Find someone with patience to answer your questions and who will start out conservatively. This is huge. You can always add more, but once it’s injected, you are stuck with it until it wears off. This brings me to my next question…

How often do you need to get it?

In the past, I got Botox injection twice a year, this year I plan to increase to every 3-4 months or four times a year. It’s not that my body is immune to it, my lines are just bothering me a little more in between visits than they used to. Everyone metabolizes a little differently, so for one person results might last ten weeks and another might last six months. Mine usually lasts around three months. Be prepared to wait three to five days to see the full results after injections.

How frequently am I getting Botox now vs. when I started?

This year I plan to increase from twice a year to every 3-4 months or four times a year. It’s not that my body is immune to it, my lines are just bothering me a little more in between visits than they used to.

How much does it cost?

I think this is somewhat dependant on where you live, but $10-$16 is about average. My doctor is part of the Brilliant Distinctions program so I earn rewards toward additional treatments each time I go in. I would not advise buying a Groupon or discounted Botox, unless it through a provider that you trust.

What’s the downtime? Can I pick up my kids afterward?

There is ZERO downtime with Botox! The appointments take 15-20 minutes and then you resume your day! You can go to work, exercise play with your kids. You are left with a very tiny pinprick from the injection which disappears in a day and is barely noticeable. 

How many units do you get?

I get 30 units of Botox injected mainly into my forehead, with a small amount injected into the lines around my eyes and the space between my brows. 

What is the average number of units needed?

This varies widely. I have friends approaching fifty years old who need just ten units and other’s in their twenties who get more units that I do. It really is dependant on your skin and how quickly you metabolize and make take a couple of visits to find your sweet spot. 

Does it help with Migraines?

I personally do not get Botox for migraines although it is something I plan to explore further, as I do suffer from Migraines. I do know that, depending on your symptoms, Botox may be injected into:

  • Forehead
  • Both temples
  • Back and sides of the neck
  • Upper shoulders
  • Back of the head

I hope this information is helpful in answering your questions about Botox! As always, please don’t ever hesitate to reach out to me with additional questions!

I next plan to explore Fillers, which have been refined in recent years to deliver much for subtle and natural results. I’ll keep you gals posted!

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