Fall Trends: What to Love in 2018

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grey sweater || Nike sneakers || camo backpack || leopard scarf || stud earring set, just $15!!! || jeans || Gucci dupe belt || chunky cardigan || slouchy bootsunder $40! || fedora || ring handle bagjust $21!!!

It’s been a while since I’ve shared what’s on my wish list and with the change in seasons I thought I’d share all of the fall goodies that are catching my eye lately. I’ll be covering more of what’s trending (and actually wearable) this fall in the coming weeks but it’s safe to say that camo, oversized knits and slouchy boots are all set to be strong fall trends.

Fall Trends: What to Add to Your Wardrobe This Fall

Let’s break down what, and how, to add fall’s hottest pieces to your wardrobe this fall. Some styles and trends are carrying over from previous seasons, but I can never resist adding a new sweater or two to my collection! 

Popular Prints

Camo and animal prints are back again this season. I’m not sure you can really even call these prints a trend anymore. Since not everyone is comfortable with prints, try adding a printed scarf or bag. I’m obsessed with these little backpacks from Rebecca Minkoff. They’re so practical and come in a slew of colors.

The Boot Conundrum

I’ve always loved tall boots but have always preferred them to be slimmer and closer to the leg. But this fall, I’m rethinking all of this! I’ve already scooped up this pair but I wish I would have taken my own advice and held off for Target to release all of their fall boots. There are seriously so many cute pairs of boots at Target right now!

Give me all of the accessories!

What I’m really obsessed with this fall is really all of the cute, and affordable accessories! Both this $15 stud earring set and this fedora are in my cart. And I just ordered this Gucci dupe belt so I’ll be sure to report back when it arrives!

Fall 2018 Wish List (so much goodness!!)

What fall trends are on your wish list this year?

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