Must Have Spring Bags and Designer Dupes

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Must Have Spring Bags

Last spring the it bag was clearly the Cult Gaia. The popular Cult Gaia started out at a fairly reasonable $88 but surged in price, along with popularity with some current styles priced over $300! The frenzy over this chic, inventive bag led to the resurgence of both woven and basket-style bag. And, gals, it looks like the trend is here to stay. The only downside? I can’t stop scooping up must have spring bags!

SO many dupes…

Along with the frenzy over the Cult Gaia came a wave dupes that are so good, it’s literally impossible to tell the difference. I chatted a bit about my love of a good dupe earlier this week with regard to the plethora of Gucci-inspired, yet affordable options in this post. I love the ability of taking advantage of a trend, especially a seasonal trend without breaking the bank. Specifically if you’re only purchasing a bag for a summer vacation or event.

Amazon has been my go-to for so many of these must have spring bags. I’ve already added this dupethis basket bag and straw clutch to my collection! And I’m obsessed with this clutch and this crossbody.

And if you prefer to support smaller businesses, as I know so many of you do, Etsy is a great destination as well.

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