What’s in My Bag with Orbit White: Spring 2017

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Today, I’m excited to be partnering with Orbit ® White to share my spring bag essentials!

As a busy mom and blogger, I feel like I’m in constant motion. And often times my life is an enormous contradiction. One minute I’m shooting for the blog, or at a lunch event, the next I’m helping my daughter’s first grade class with an art project. Some mornings you’ll find me at the gym, others at a coffee shop writing content. No day is ever the same.

The one constant is the need to freshen up in the middle. And for that, I rely on the new Orbit White gum. Orbit White gum is the one essential you’ll find in my bag, no matter the season. Having Orbit White can be a lifesaver and actually helps keep teeth white! In fact, chewing 1 piece for 12 minutes 5x/day helped reduce staining in a 12 week clinical trial. And I love the flavor; refreshing without being overpowering. It gives me all the confidence I need!

And what’s better? I can pick up Orbit White gum on one of my weekly stops at my neighborhood Walgreens. I’m always stopping in because of its convenience (there is a Walgreens about 3 minutes from my house) for anything from milk to shampoo to greeting cards so now that they are carrying the new Orbit White gum I can throw that in my bag as well!

And speaking of bags, these are all the things I keep in my bag when I’m on the go!

What’s in my bag this spring?

  1. Orbit White gum: New and available at Walgreens, the gum that helps keep teeth white.
  2. Sunglasses: I love a white frame and a round lens for spring! With sunny, warm days are around the corner, sunglasses are a must. Look for 100% protection against harmful UVA/UVB rays.
  3. Lip Balm: my lips are almost always chapped, so this one is a must for me!
  4. Hand Lotion: remembering to apply keeps my skin moisturized.
  5. Small perfume: One spritz and I feel so much more put together!
  6. Notebook and Pen: I’m always coming up with ideas when I’m on the go for blog posts, dinner recipes, things to do with the kids, you name it! 
  7. Hair ties/bobby pins: it seems like I’m always needing to fix my hair or pin back my bangs!
  8. Ear buds/headphones: necessary for the gym and waiting rooms!
  9. A small brush: for detangling and smoothing, a must-have.
  10. A spring scarf: for this unpredictable weather and because it makes a great accessory!

What’s the one thing you can’t be without when you’re on the go? You know, besides your phone;)

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