How to Shop my Instagram Outfits with

instagram-spring-2017-how-to-shop-my-instagram-with-like-to-know-it-screenshot-marc-fisher-sahar-chloe-dupesscalloped pumps (on sale for under $70)

A New Way to Shop on Instagram

Hi everyone! I’m sure you all saw that now has an app available to download for free in the App Store! You can now shop all my Instagram outfits (and Instagram Stories!!!) with via screenshot on your mobile device. I’m so excited about the app – it makes shopping all Instagram outfits with so much easier.

If you are not familiar with, here is what you do:

  1. Sign up for HERE or download the app from the App Store.
  2. Once you’re signed up and have downloaded the app, screenshot a picture on Instagram, Snapchat or Pinterest (you’ll see a “’ link within the caption).
  3. You will receive a push notification when the image is ready to shop.
  4. You can then instantly shop the products featured in your screenshots.

And as always, you can still shop my Instagram outfits right here on my blog! And if you prefer the emails, nothing will change! I’ve also rounded up some recent outfits for those of you who still prefer this way.  Let me know which way you like better or any suggestions! And definitely comment or email me if you have questions on sizing, etc.

instagram-spring-2017-how-to-shop-my-instagram-with-like-to-know-it-screenshot-shein-pink-velvet-ruffled-topruffled top


instagram-spring-2017-how-to-shop-my-instagram-with-like-to-know-it-screenshot-peekaboo-bell-sleeve-striped-blouse-sheindress/tunic (only $21)

instagram-spring-2017-how-to-shop-my-instagram-with-like-to-know-it-screenshot-oversized-sweater-staggered-hem-jeans-clare-v-leopard-clutchsweater || similar jeans || similar pumps


instagram-spring-2017-how-to-shop-my-instagram-with-like-to-know-it-screenshot-star-print-scarfsimilar scarf (1/2) || boots


instagram-spring-2017-how-to-shop-my-instagram-with-like-to-know-it-screenshot-coffee-in-bedsweater || similar jeans || similar hat

instagram-spring-2017-how-to-shop-my-instagram-with-like-to-know-it-screenshot-blank-nyc-suede-jacketsuede jacket, more colors here

instagram-spring-2017-how-to-shop-my-instagram-with-like-to-know-it-screenshot-hm-black-ruffle-sweatshirt-dress-item-m6-tights-lowland-ver-the-knee-boots-bracelet-bagsweatshirt dress (under $30) || tights || boots

Thanks so much for stopping by and please let me know if you have any sizing/fit questions!

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