What Works: My Beauty Favorites Jan. 2017


The Goods in Skin, Hair and Beauty

I’d like to preface this post by saying that I’m no beauty expert. I typically find something I like and then stick with it for a long time, or until it no longer works for me. However, one of the amazing benefits of blogging are the products that I’m sent to test and play with. Its truly opened my eyes to new things that I NEVER would have known about or would have been hesitant to invest in. Of course, everyone has different skin, hair and beauty needs, but these are a few great items that I simply had to share. Things that made me feel like I was in on a really good secret. So here we go…

current-beauty-favorites-ub-secret-flushUB Secret Flush

I’m busy. And I don’t always wear makeup. But I always feel better when I take two minutes to put on a little something. It boosts my confidence and honestly puts a smile on my face. UB Secret Flush has seriously become my secret weapon. This little multi-tasker brightens up my dull, pale winter skin with a glow that seems to come from within. And these days, that’s becoming no easy task. My problem with most cream-based products for the face is that they can be blotchy and tend to wear off quickly, but UB Secret Flush seems to stay put, touches up super easily and glides on so smoothly. This one is a win people.

Caudalie Moisturizing Sorbet c/o

You remember when I mentioned above that I’m busy (aren’t we all)? Well one of my biggest annoyances in the morning is waiting for my moisturizer to sink into my skin before apply makeup. Caudalie Moisturizing Sorbet solves that problem. The gel-cream formula intensely moisturizes and calms dehydrated, irritated skin but it seems to sink in instantly. PLUS I’ve noticed a difference in the texture of my skin. Also, I wouldn’t say I have extremely sensitive skin, but many facial moisturizers cause my skin to redden and this one does not. That may not be a problem for you, but I thought it was definitely worth mentioning.

current-beauty-favorites-bare-minerals-matte-gloss-juju-sephoraBare Minerals Matte Liquid Lipstick (Juju) c/o

While I love the look of a matte lip, I feel like they tend to make me appear older, settling into lines and enhancing those super attractive dry flakes we all get, especially this time of year. But I make exception for Bare Minerals Matte Liquid Lipstick in the shade Juju. Its a universally flattering pink that gives me that matte look without the drying affect. Do I wear it every day? No. But its been added to the rotation and is perfect when I want a flattering color that I know will lock into place so I can just enjoy a night out without having to stop to reapply.

current-beauty-favorites-kenra-blow-dry-sprayKenra Professional Platinum Blow-Dry Spray

I have really thick hair that tends to hold the moisture in so blow drying my hair is a serious time investment. I’m usually hesitant to use product in my hair (other than dry shampoo) because I don’t like to wash my hair more than twice a week and products tend to add build up to the hair. But for some reason Kenra Professional Platinum Blow-Dry Spray does not seem to build up in my hair. Its super light-weight and helps detangle after the shower. It also dramatically cuts down drying time. And offers heat protection, as well as protects from damage and breakage

current-beauty-favorites-caudalie-bare-minerals-sephora-kenra-ag-hair-care-cosmedicineCosmedicine Triple P Brightening Serum c/o

Ok, you know how I mentioned above that I am hesitant to invest in pricey products for my skin? This is: 1) because I’m not sure if they’ll deliver and 2) I just don’t believe in miracles, when it comes to skincare. I know there is nothing out there that is going to take my skin back to when I was 16, but this is the first time I actually noticed a true difference in my skin after using Cosmedicine Triple P Brightening Serum for a couple of weeks. Even my husband commented that my skin looked brighter and asked if I had been sneaking naps in! Ha, if only!

current-beauty-favorites-caudalie-bare-minerals-sephora-kenra-ag-hair-care-cosmedicineAG Hair Cleansing Cream

I received AG Hair Cleansing Cream as a sample and have recently repurchased as it makes my hair feel so soft. With some hair creams, my hair is left feeling weighed down and just not very clean. Not so with AG Hair Cleansing Cream. My hair felt clean, voluminous and easy to style. Another win.



So there you have it. My top beauty faves these days. I’d love to hear your thoughts on these types of posts. Beauty is not my usual lane in the blogging world but it was really fun going through my routine and picking out the standouts that I’ve come across as a direct result of this blog. Have you tried any of these products? I’d love your feedback!

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