Why Bloggers Can Be Great Role Models

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When I first started blogging and attending blogging events about 2 years ago, I felt really intimidated by all of the other bloggers out there. It felt so much safer to hide behind my computer screen than I actually get out there and start getting to know the other women who had inspired me me so very much. However, when I really started thinking about it, bloggers are some of the biggest cheerleaders out there!

From my very first post, it was other bloggers who were there cheering me on with their comments, follows and likes. When I finally started meeting some of the lovely women who I had been reading and following, and some of whom started their blogs around the same time as I did, I found them to be kind, smart, supportive, interesting and inspiring!

Sure, there is some caginess and cattiness. There are bloggers who are very protective of whatever blogging knowledge they may possess. There are girls who aren’t the most supportive or inclusive, but they are the minority. Truthfully, bloggers are some of the most incredible role models out there!

friends forever


As a mom of a young daughter, I’m always mindful of the media and how women are often portrayed. I watch how, at 6, she is already very aware of her appearance. So many of the role models girls look to today are very one-dimensional. Bloggers are anything but. Read many blogs and you’ll find emotionally-connected, complex women who are sharing so much more than just their outfits.

These women are sharing their lives, their fears, their hopes and dreams, their battles and their life lessons. Are they beautiful? Of course, but its their honesty and integrity that makes them so. They are not all 5′ 10”, 115 lbs, they struggle with dressing for their body and being confident and portraying themselves in a meaningful way. Bloggers come in all shapes and sizes, all ethnicities and from all walks of life.

rds obsessions


When I fist started blogging, Rach DiMare, of RD’s Obsessions, was one of the first bloggers that I met in person. She was such a sweet and genuine person and one of the first to help me begin to learn more about photography. Since that time Rach has shared the stories of her travels and her wedding on her blog. And most recently, she has allowed us into her life as she battles Stage 2 breast cancer. Rach is as strong as she is beautiful and has reminded me how important it is to appreciate the here and now.

The Average Girls Guide


Another blogger that I feel so fortunate to have gotten to know, virtually at least, is Alyson of The {Not So} Average Girl’s Guide. Alyson is a mom who in addition to running her successful PR firm also blogs almost daily! She is such an inspiration to me and is one of the most sincere and supportive women blogging today. Because of Alyson, I have learned about so many other inspirational blogs and I always tune in for her Vent Sesh posts for a healthy dose of reality and a reminder of what’s really important in this glossy world we are living in.

ramshackle glam


One of my favorite things to do to this day is read other blogs and one of my favorites is Ramshackle Glam. While I would never claim to personally know Jordan, the witty, joyful, mom, who is trying to make it though just like the rest of us, I feel like she’s my best friend. Not in a stalker-y way or anything but her writing makes you feel like you really and truly are right there in the moment with her. Jordan is, at times, gut-wrenchingly honest about her life, parenthood, her marriage…the whole kit and kaboodle. She often puts words to jumbled thoughts I have had in my head for years and I always look forward to her posts. They aren’t something you skim through but really take in and learn from.

A Lily Love Affair


I was fortunate enough to meet Anna of A Lily Love Affair last year at Simply Stylist in Chicago. We had long kept in touch via our blogs and I always felt like Anna was someone that I could really be “friends IRL” with. I could not have been more right! That day Anna and I bonded, over mimosas of course, but also over our mutual belief that women should support each other and and lift each other up, not talk behind backs or knock each other down. Anna is one of the the most inclusive, intelligent, funny and kind friends that I have today. Her posts not only offer style inspiration and advice, but also glimpses into her home and professional life. Anna is another blogger who you truly feel like you get to know as you read.

Sed Bona


I had long been a reader of Sed Bona and had met Ashley a handful of times at various events around Chicago. She was always so bubbly and fun and excited to talk about all things blogging. She was and is one of those people who just makes you feel happy and positive. After spending months admiring her blog and stunning photography, I commented one day how I’d love to have coffee and pick her brain. By the end of the week we were sitting in a cafe talking for over two hours about blogging, life, food, photography…from that day on we’ve been getting together weekly to shoot photos, visit restaurants and occasionally attend events. Ashley is one of those people who is so open and supportive and I’m always learning from her.

Its funny how some of the women that I have met through blogging have become some of my closest friends. We have bonded over not only blogging, but real life. Of course many bloggers share a passion for fashion, food, travel, etc. but its so much more than that. Bloggers have stories and lessons to share. This is not to say that all blogs are created equally and certainly not all information shared is appropriate for young girls, but blogs can be a positive source of inspiration, creativity, and life lessons for so many of us. There is a reason that monthly editorial magazines and traditional advertising have been upended by blogs. People tune in to not only follow a fashion diary, but also the story of the person behind the blog. And I certainly think that is a good thing.

Are there blogs that you tune into where you feel a deeper connection? Please share!




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