How Blogging Has Changed My Life And Why You Should Start A Blog Too

How Blogging Has Changed My Life

With Wishes & Reality turning 2 next month, I’ve been thinking a lot about how blogging has changed my life. I remember when I first started reading blogs, not even realizing that they were “blogs” at the time. Then I remember thinking about creating my own blog and what that would entail. For me it started as kind of an online diary, but as I began interacting with other bloggers, the possibilities of what blogging could really become, began to reveal themselves. Over the past 2 years, I have grown right along with this blog of mine and today I’m sharing the ways that blogging has changed my life and why it could be a viable option for you as well.

  1. Creativity: This is the #1 reason that I created Wishes & Reality. I studied fashion and had always been passionate about it, but after years in the finance industry followed by years at home as a mom, I felt so stifled. I wasn’t able to express myself the way that I wanted and felt very far removed from the world I used to inhibit. Right out of college, I lived in New York City and worked as an intern in the buying offices of Saks 5th Avenue. I was dead broke and could barely afford lunch but being in that environment was so completely inspirational and motivating. I longed to feel that way again and blogging has given me an an avenue to express myself through fashion in such a creative way.
  2. Networking: Blogging is a lot about networking. This was a buzzword I heard a lot in my corporate life but never fully understood it or embraced. Networking had always sounded like so much work. But with blogging its fun. Its amazing to meet and mingle with other creative, supportive, like-minded women who share my passion. They inspire me every day. Its also amazing to get to meet with brands that I have long admired and find partners who share similar values and style.
  3. Friendships: This goes along with networking, but I feel like I have finally “found my tribe” so to speak  in the blogging world. That was a catch phase I heard early on and I’ll admit, its taken some time. Like in any industry, there can be cattiness and competitiveness, but today I really feel like I am surround by some of the most genuine, kind, supportive, pick you up when your down and put a smile on your face kind of girls. These are not just “work friends”, but life friends and I never would have met them if I hadn’t started blogging. If you’re reading this, you know who you are:) This might be the single best way that blogging has changed my life.
  4. Real Marketable Skills: Although I am an expert at absolutely none of these things, there are some real skills that I have learned, and continue to learn, every day. This was another missing piece in my life prior to Wishes & Reality. Personal growth. Through blogging I have started to learn the basics of photography, photo editing, html coding, marketing, SEO and site speed and so much more. These are things that can go on a resume. Building blog is like building a brand and the more you grow as a person and learn along the way, the more motivated you are to keep learning keep growing and keep pushing yourself and your brand.
  5. The Stuff: I went back and forth about including this, but in all honesty, I have discovered so many amazing brands that I am so proud to continue to promote on my own dime, because of blogging. Had I not been given the opportunity to work with Target on their denim line, I never would have known how amazing their jeans are. Since that campaign, I’ve bought several pairs of jeans on my own since. I also have a new favorite pair of shoes, that I never would have discovered {more to come on this!}. I only wear my Daniel Wellington watch and I shop for all my art on The swag is amazing, but discovering these gems, is what its really about.
  6. The Opportunities: Prior to my blog, I was a stay at home mom of 2 young children. And while being a mom is hands down the most rewarding thing I have ever, or will ever, do, it also can close you off from the world and make you lose yourself a little bit. Blogging has given me the balance to be home with my children, and still get out of the house or photo shoots, luncheons and meetings. And I work for myself so I can always decline if I need to spend more time at home one week.
  7. Its Time Consuming: This is something I did not at all realize in the beginning. If you want your blog to be successful and operate more like a business than a hobby, it takes a lot of time. There will always be more that you could be doing. And its not just promoting yourself. It really is about networking, even virtually. Its about research, its about honing your craft and finding your place, and creating engaging, relatable content.

So, there it is. I could go on, but this really does give you an idea of what blogging is about and how blogging changed my life and could change yours as well. Its not sitting down for 15 minutes and throwing up a post. If you guys have questions, or you’re thinking about starting a blog and are wondering where to start, leave me a comment or drop me an email at [email protected]. Like I said, I’m no expert and I’m still in the early stages of growth, but I’m learning A LOT along the way!

And now, after a hiatus from Instagram round ups, here’s a doozy! And its also a great behind the scenes peek at the life of a blogger…


tote bag || similar jeans || fur bag pompom || similar snakeskin pumps

how-blogging-changed-my-life-white distressed jeans, grey sweater, anthropologie coffee mug, lazy sunday in bed

similar distressed jeans || Anthropologie coffee mug

matisse leopard wedge booties

Matisse leopard wedge booties || similar scarf

lobster roll, hampton social, blogger lunch

the lobster roll at Hampton Social
grey jeans, taupe sam edelman booties, lace blouse, suede jacket ties around waist, spring layering, street style

similar suede jacket || Sam Edelman ‘Petty ‘ booties || similar lace top || Clare V. leopard clutch
Summer House Santa Monica

Hush Puppies blogger breakfast at Summer House Santa Monica
albi watches, striped t by alexander wang top

T by Alexander Wang striped top || similar booties || similar bracelet
sprinkled donuts and coffee

white magnolia blooming in the spring

white distressed jeans, black converse, black chucks, blue fur bag pompom, red chanel look for less

similar distressed jeans || similar bag || blue fur bag pompom || Converse Chuck Taylors

crab salad at Fig & Olive, spring 2016 menu tasting

crab salad at Fig & Olive blogger spring menu tasting

hush puppies brunch

Hush Puppies blogger breakfast at Summer House Santa Monica

lace blouse, leather jacket and boyfriend jeans

similar lace top || destroyed jeans

Thank you for reading about how blogging has changed my life and for always supporting us!

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