The Unexpected Benefits of Installing a Water Softening System


Why You Should Know the Benefits of Installing a Water Softening System

I have no doubt that the title of this post gave you pause, but I hope you’ll hear me out out on this one guys! We are changing things up a bit today so that I can talk to you about a change we made in our home that has benefited, not only our home but our skin, hair, clothing and the family as a whole! We installed a Water Softening System and became devoted Morton Salt customers.

I know, I know, not the sexiest of topics, but stick with me on this one. When we moved into our home several years ago, we were happy but looking forward to making some cosmetic updates. We retiled, gutted bathroom, remodeled the kitchen, painted the walls, the whole nine yards and then breathed a sigh of relief at making our new home “ours”.

All the while however, my husband, son and myself were having trouble with our skin and hair. My son was suffering from horrible eczema and my husband and I couldn’t seem to moisturize enough. I tried humidifiers and visited with dermatologists but nothing seemed to help.

Then I started noticing that our clothing didn’t seem to be getting clean and was starting to look dingy. So off I went to pick up a new washer and dryer {p.s. owning a home is expensive!}. But was also to no avail, as the problems persisted. And if you’ve purchased a new washer and dryer, they aren’t cheap!

The final straw, was when our brand new {and also expensive} new kitchen appliances started to fall apart. The ice maker kept breaking and the brackets holding up the sliding racks in our dishwasher began to corrode, crack and break. Our dishes and all of our plastic utensils became dull and seemed to have a film that couldn’t be washed off no matter how hard I scrubbed.

Problem Solved

It was during this time that I heard an advertisement for Morton Salts and the benefits of installing a water softening system in your home. Suddenly, it clicked, the hard water was the root cause of all of this! I immediately checked out Morton Salts online and ordered a free test strip to see if we did in fact have hard water. {You can order your free test strip here and there is no obligation!} What is hard water? As rainwater passes through the earth and into other means of water, it picks up certain “hardness” materials that will precipitate and clog pipes, and may also damage your appliances.

As expected, the test was strongly positive and I wasted no time in having a water softening system installed. I had lots of questions, mainly could the damage to our home done by the water running so innocently through our pipes be reversed and the answer was YES! Not only was the damage visible, but there was a lot going on that we couldn’t see because as the water ran through our pipes it was also causing damage there. After the new system was installed, I picked up Morton Salts with the coupon they sent and was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to open and load the salt into the softener.

The Benefits of Installing a Water Softening System

The changes were immediate. There have truly been so many benefits of installing a water softening system. Our clothes looked new again. I especially noticed how much nicer my delicates looked and felt.




Our skin was another major change. My son’s eczema was much less severe within days of installing the water softener and eventually cleared up altogether. And my husband and I also felt so much better. Gone was the itchy, scratchy feels-like-its-winter-all-the-time feeling. Even taking a shower felt better. It’s true what they say about soft water, it actually feels softer! All of the products that I use, also seemed to work better.

Our kitchen appliances also stopped falling apart. Our ice maker broke 3 times in the first 15 months of remodeling our kitchen and we {knock on wood} have not had a single issue since. The film disappeared from the inside of our dishwasher, as well as our dishes and kitchen utensils, and it also hasn’t broken since.

It was really one of the best family decisions we’ve made in our home. I am not trying to sound salesy. Honestly, my friends and neighbors will tell you that I’ve been singing the praises of Morton Salts for a while now. In fact, I wish you could read my application for this campaign! To say that I was enthusiastic would be an understatement: there are just so many benefits of installing a water softening system.

If you and your family our experiencing any of these issues, don’t forget to order your free test strip. You can also check out this informative video by Morton Salt to learn more about how water softeners work. Interested in getting soft water in your home? A water softener is the way to go and is based on simple chemistry to make it happen. You can correct problems in your home and enjoy the many benefits of installing a water softening system

Thanks so much for reading!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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