George the salon: A Review + A Weekly Round Up {Vol. 11}

When the prestigious George the salon reached out to see if I would like to come in and try their Anti-Gravity facial my first response was an emphatic YES! I mean, its all in the name of the service: anti-gravity…yes, please. But my second question was, ok, how does this work?
Obviously, the lovely woman in this photo is not me, but seeing it made me super intrigued about what this facial would entail. George the salon describes the facial like yoga for the face. The Anti-Gravity Facial is ideal for those looking to prevent and reverse falling in the face. 
“Think of this as your workout for your face,” explains Lindsey Blondin, spa director and lead esthetician for George the Salon.
How it works: 
  • An ultrasonic machine is used to remove dead build up and debris that is in the pores while pushing lymph through the lymphatic system to encourage brightening and healthy skin cell renewal. This phase was part painful, part enjoyable. I really felt like my skin was getting a deeper clean than I have ever experienced. No pain, no gain, right?
  • A micro-current pushes products deeper into the skin to maximize the product’s benefits, while radio-frequency is shortening and lengthening the muscles in your face. You could actually feel the muscle movement under the skin!
  • An LED light (see above photo) acts like an alarm clock for your cells to wake up and start working and doing their job.
This is not your mom’s facial! It is super high-tech and the results spoke for themselves. Overall, my skin has never felt cleaner and brighter. I felt as though my fine lines were less noticeable and the texture of my skin was smoother. I didn’t want to leave the salon and let the light and air of the day even touch my face!
Lindsey was also super helpful with explaining different products that might be a good fit for my skin. She created a routine for me and took the guesswork out by not just suggesting products, but ingredients to look for in products! This was such a change from any other salon experience I have had!
If you live in Chicago, or are visiting and want to treat yourself, I would highly recommend reaching out to Lindsey at George the salon.
And now, an Insta round up! And some awesome gift ideas!
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