Wednesday Wrap-Up: A Glittery Gift Guide with Anjolee


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I love to find cozy sweaters, coffee table books and new PJ’s under the tree as much as the next girl, but a truly special gift often has a bit more…sparkle, shall we say. Anjolee Fine Jewelry has been adding sparkle to the holidays since 1977 and has a stunning selection of wedding and anniversary rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces and pendants. I was particularly blown away buy their selection of diamond bracelets for women, particularly this, this and this. And as someone with a fair amount of experience in, shall we say, “jewelry research”, I can tell you that their prices truly cannot be beat! It’s always so fun to have a wish list with something truly significant and luxe on it, but don’t forget to let your someone special know;) Or treat yourself!

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