Wednesday Wishlist: Birthday Edition

Since this Friday is my birthday, I thought it would be fun to do a wishlist of a handful of things that I covet. Disclaimer: This is the Wish of Wishes & Reality and many of these items are not in my budget. But nonetheless, its fun to dream!

~This timeless coat from Vince is both stylish and practical. And with the colder temps in Chicago would definitely get worn for the bday weekend and beyond.

~I’ve been dreaming about these Stuart Weitzman lovelies for what seems like forever. 

~These earrings have the best chance of any of these items of coming home with me. I think I might be the last blogger on earth to include them in a round up!

~How amazing is this bowtie necklace from Loren Hope? While not currently in my price range, I can’t help but think of how much use it would get during the holiday season.

~These Kate Spade gloves are too adorable for words! I’m noticing a bow theme…They’d also make a great gift for a best friend.

~These faux leather leggings are a girl’s best friend during the colder months. Warmer than a dress but still party ready for a girls night out or even New Years Eve.

~I’m more than a little obsessed with the colors in this blanket scarf from Asos. I can’t even convince myself that I need another plaid scarf…I think so at least;)

~How perfect is this palette? Every single color is a stunner.

~This Valentino clutch is what dreams are made of. Neva gonna happen. But here’s to wishing…

Shop these an other items from my wishlist below!

Thanks for reading!


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